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This collection of photographic works is a fantastical journey into a world of wonder, mood and evocation. Recognisable landmarks and sites transformd into lucid dreams and memories, from city to countryside around the globe.

Take a mental vacation from the world as we know it...

... into a world long since forgotten


About the Author

Andrew Paranavitana
parmi Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My work often takes two avenues of theme: a darker, sometimes scary world of unseen nightmares, and a nostalgic playground of warm memories, much safer and happier than the former.

I have always looked further than traditional methods of photography. Digital manipulation has allowed me to communicate and share my view of the world. I have a need to lace my work with elements of obscure visions and deliver a piece the viewer can connect with on multiple levels.

Andrew Paranavitana is an independent photographic artist. His driving passion for photography began in 1994. Andrew’s vision today is to capture the world as we know it, and present it in a way that we may not.

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wisconsinpat says


posted at 06:46pm Oct 07 PST


Lissywitch says

Stunning book Andrew, love it :)

posted at 11:27am Oct 06 PST


liannels says

Absolutely beautiful Andrew and just a sample of your stunning artistic sense. The photography is brilliant in itself but your post work is so exceptional - I don't think you've ever created a piece I haven't loved.

posted at 06:41am Oct 06 PST


mariamoro says

Let me be the first one to comment. :)
Your passion for your craft shines through your photography..... this book is magnificent..... It's an honour to call you my friend & to watch you grow into a brillant artist makes me very proud... .... remember me when you're rich & famous... :P

posted at 03:17am Oct 06 PST


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