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The Collingwood Shipyards, by Canadian writer-photographer, George Czerny, tells the story of this industry which was the economic backbone of Collingwood and district for 103 years. This book also explains the unique sidelaunching method used at this Georgian Bay shipyards which closed in 1986. The author wants this 48-page book to stand as a tribute to the women and men who worked at the Collingwood Shipyards. He goes on to tell about the transition of the former shipyards property to the award-winning residential development which is happening at this downtown Collingwood (Ontario) waterfront property. Collingwood's "Walk of History" is also mentioned because of its proximity to the former shipyards property and the fact that memorial plaques, which carry the names of Collingwood-built ships, are embedded in a sidewalk which parallels Heritage Drive. The Collingwood Shipyards book features 67 photographs, many in colour, which can never be taken again, including historic, sequential photographs of sidelaunchings. The book, which features technical information and diagrams, also has aerial views of the shipyards; as that area of Collingwood harbour looked back then and now.


About the Author

George Czerny
Craigleith2 Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

George Czerny-Holownia has been writing for more than four decades under the name George Czerny. He spent almost 30 years in the newspaper business, starting as a reporter/photographer and then taking on any challenges thrown at him in a newsroom. He moved on from being managing editor of a daily newspaper to becoming the publisher and general manager of the then-weekly newspaper, The Enterprise-Bulletin in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. A 14-year stint at the helm of this community newspaper put him in close proximity with small-town community life and the then-busy (but now closed) Collingwood Shipyards about which he has written. Mr. Czerny married Nancy in 1968. They live in Collingwood, Ontario. George and Nancy have two sons, Stephen and Douglas, and five grandchildren to whom The Collingwood Shipyards book is dedicated. George has published four books using the Blurb system and enjoys sailing in his spare time.

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dcaesar says

George, I just received my copies of the two above mentioned books that you wrote and briefly perused them….
I want to thank you for writing these books and explaining a major part of Collingwood’s history. Although, Collingwood is not my home town it is my son’s and he has occasionally asked me over the years about the old shipyard days and I could not give him a great answer…..
I will pass these onto my son as a Christmas gift which I know both he and I will enjoy……
I would like my son to know about his hometown and not just think its history lies with Elvis Presley and Wakestock……
Collingwood has been a beautiful spot to live and raise my family but I believe that it somewhat forgot its past and should have embraced it shipyard history more passionately.
Thanks Again

posted at 06:44pm Oct 31 PST


Griesalda says

George, your long time involvement in the life of Collingwood makes you the perfect person to write this book!

posted at 04:57pm Oct 11 PST


christine_lg says

Yeah George!! Way to go.

posted at 04:29pm Oct 11 PST

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