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Gerry Cunningham was one of America's most important Pioneers in the history of outdoor gear development. His company began as GERRY Mountaineering Equipment Company in 1945 and was a major supplier of innovative gear to most of the major climbers of the time. Mr. Cunningham holds several patents and was a very early proponent of ultralight backpacking and no-trace camping. Several other well-known company founders originally worked for GERRY. Mr. Cunningham, who passed away in May of 2010, contributed heavily to the making of this book. There are many historic photos and old catalogs documented in loving detail within the covers! This revised edition includes an Obituary of this great gear pioneer.


About the Author

Bruce Johnson M.A.
oregonphotos Oregon-Washington, USA

My FIVE Blurb books combine many of my passions. The lure of beautiful, innovative outdoor gear drove me into the history of the industry and its colorful founders. The fun was in the researching, writing, photographing, and tracking down mysteries. This is the kind of work I enjoy the most.

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