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This book, « Where I live » is presenting 68 photographs by Bertil Hansson.
Abstracts and figuratives, colour and black-and -white
– all made 2006 – 2008.
Some photographs have been shown in solo exhibitions, and most of them have been published within the flickr-community on the Internet.

The book contains 80 pages, has a hardcover and a dust jacket, with a format of 18 x 18 cm.

Bertil Hansson is a visual artist working in the fields of painting, engravings and photography. His way of working is described in some texts, in English, French and Swedish. Bertil Hansson is participating in an exhibition at Dalslands Art Museum, Sweden during July and August 2008.

Denna bok, « Where I live » visar 68 fotografier gjorda av Bertil Hansson.
De är abstrakta eller figurativa, i färg eller svart/vitt – alla gjorda i perioden 2006 – 2008.
Några av fotografierna har visats på separatutställningar, och de flesta har varit publicerade inom flickr-community på internet.

Boken har 80 sidor, hård pärm och särskilt omslag, och formatet är 18 x 18 cm.

Bertil Hansson är bildkonstnär, verksam inom måleri, grafik och fotografi. Hans sätt att arbeta beskrivs i texter i boken, på engelska, franska och svenska.
Bertil Hansson är under juli och augusti 2008 aktuell med en utställning på Dalslands Konstmuseum.


About the Author

Bertil Hansson
Bertil Lysekil - Sweden / Goult - France

Visual artist, painter, engraver, photographer. Born 1950 in Lysekil, Sweden.

With a remarkable power of observation, the Swedish artist Bertil Hansson focuses his sight onto the most insignificant detail and lifts it out of its place in the entire context. He charges it with magic and space whether the technique is painting, graphic arts or, as is his latest passion, photography. With great intensity he also absorbs the surrounding and transforms reality into abstraction in a way that makes his pictures stand out as familiar for us. This is intensified by the associations they give to different directions in art history. His artistic career has developed rapidly ever since the new millennium when he moved to the south of France and settled in the village of Goult. Since then his artistic desire has felt no constraints and his productivity has grown impressively. He is now in great demand from Scandinavian art galleries and is making several exhibitions every year.

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Bertil says

Thank you so much....wizual!

posted at 04:16am Mar 28 PST


wizual says

Very interesting, very good picture.

posted at 04:07am Mar 28 PST

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