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SoFoBoMo. Solo Photographic Book in a Month. It was Paul Butzi’s idea. I blame him totally. Make a photography book. In a month. Shoot all the pictures, make the final selections, edit them, do the layout, decide on the fonts, write all the text, pull it all together in 31 days. How hard can that be ?

Many photographers want to make a book, but it always seems like such a big mountain to climb. The pictures are never quite good enough. There is so much to learn. It must be too hard. As a result, we never start. Well, SoFoBoMo is the cure for all that. There is no time for the pictures not to be good enough they'll have to do. There is no time to learn everything, just learn enough. Put it all together. Work through the process. Make those hard decisions that you could get lost in for months, but make them in a day. Just get on with it and finish, because there is so much to learn along the way.

So here it is. My first finished book. That wasn't so hard.


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GordonMcGreg Austin, Texas

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