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An assortment of frame stills from animations that explored an impersonal technique inspired by the philosophy of the CutUp. William Burroughs’ theory of the CutUp parallels avant-garde literary theory, such as structuralism and deconstruction.

The CutUp animations explored the experimental system of spontaneity and chance associated with collage. The intent being to establish new connections between images, “allowing ones range of vision to consequently expand” (Burroughs). The animations created a non-linear viewing experience, permeated by accidents and undefined conception of architectonic instances.

Imagery within the animations suggested reconfigured space and alternate structure. The spatial qualities and irregularities emphasized architecture, accentuating scale, atmosphere and the intangible characteristics of the unique, contextual spaces.

These qualities equate the output to key ideologies inherent with the CutUp – “space/ time, travel, silence and freedom from the body” (Gysin).


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Christopher Webster
CUUD Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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