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Recently I had a two week vacation. Not able to go to Paris physically, I went there mentally instead. The photos in this book were taken on a previous trip.


About the Author

Bernice Williams
Berenike Chicago, Illinois, USA
Originally I studied painting and sculpture. I took my first photography course primarily out of curiosity, but it soon became my preferred creative medium. From 1998 to 2001, I worked as an artist in Egypt on a project documenting inscriptions on temple walls. During that time I continued with my photography, primarily concentrating on the architectural space and details of ancient Egyptian monuments and the Islamic structures in Cairo. My photographs have been shown in both group and solo exhibitions and have won several awards. My favorite subject is architectural imagery, but I tend to photograph whatever captures my eye or imagination. Since I began looking through a lens, I realized that I was searching for beauty with my camera. I will always be totally fascinated by the ability to capture a fleeting magical moment of beauty through the mechanism of light passing through a lens, and then being able to hand over that same moment to someone else.

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