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This book engages the reader in a visually provocative adventure as they join the author in parallel journeys of physical exploration and spiritual introspection. Intimate accounts gleaned from years of journals and letters provide hope and encourgement to those who have become wounded or disenchanted by toxic faith or abuses of authority. This delicate topic is approached with an earnest hunger for truth that can be spoken in love without offering presumptuous answers or cliches.

One reader commented, "I want to give this book to everyone I know. I started it at bedtime and I couldn't put it down. It absolutely gave me goose bumps. The stories and pictures are so perfect together!"

An excerpt from the book states, "Exploration has always been, for me, a simultaneously inward and outward journey. Nature is replete with images that mirror the geography of our hearts. Watching a storm evolve on the horizon or feeling the wind caress our face, we recognize a Power and Mystery that shapes physical and spiritual landscapes. The human soul remains a hidden territory that is as infinite and compelling as any natural terrain we encounter and is equally worthy of a safe and beautiful soujourn."

June 12, 2008
I just received my own copy of this book in the mail yesterday with the newly available "image wrap". This cover style is so gorgeous in real life... I was absolutely amazed! The book has such a wonderful feel to it and looks absolutely professional. For anyone wanting a book that will be treasured as a keepsake or set on a coffee table, I feel like this is the most suitable choice. I have also ordered the book with the dust jacket and as a paperback. All are extremely high quality - but the ImageWrap just blew me away!


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Dawne Olson
dmolson South Dakota

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artlook says

Very interesting, well designed book. Congratulations.

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