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This is my photographic interpretation of Lady Gaga's album Born This Way. I have always been a monster and an artist. I have also always been very inspired by Gaga's music, having done a few photographs inspired by her previous songs. When I first heard Born This Way, I knew it was something bigger, to me, than her previous albums. I was very fortunate to spend four days soaking in it with my closest friends, when I decided I would do a series based on the body of music and art. After those four days, we spent an entire summer toasting to the album. I can easily say my friends inspired me, as well as helped me, to create this series. This is dedicated to my friends, monsters everywhere, and Gaga. This is what I saw, and what I see when I listen to Born This Way.


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Cest_LeDor Toronto, Canada
I am, in the strictest sense a photo surrealist. My photographs bend and mold fantasy and reality together to reflect how I view the world around me. This is not only true of my work, as I live my life in this way. No dream is too big for me to dream, to quote an idol of mine “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”. I hope to one day have my work in Vogue, while also being shown at the Moma. Until that day everything is part of the ongoing journey through this fantastic world.

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Born This Way (Deluxe Large Square) - photo book
Published November 06, 2011
Born This Way (Medium Portrait) - Arts & Photography photo book
Published November 06, 2011

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