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Dear friends, let's share a digital journal!

This is an original transition from a blog to another, or what was remained of it. It has biblical verses illustrated digitally. The original typed and colored text marker version is lost, but I give you the idea of how I see and paint text from a perspective of eye-closeness.

Web writing and blogging taught me how much we could do and how much faster if we were more concerned about a loving content, an edifying formatting of text and images. So, I just started doing simple things online and daring to add resources which could be quickly seen and captured. I did and published manually faster than a traditional digital designer and writer would do and did not use artificial ideas, but only Bible text in English and Portuguese. The way you apply faster and more effectively is my concept of finalization and value of any impression. So, this is real and genuine art work without censorship, right in the middle of the space where most people get lost with excessive perfecting.

My second plane intention for this book is to leave you comfortable to try to make your won mistakes without losing the best of timing and learning. This is utility and made me a lot happier to be able to do something that could be quickly fed.

webSUCRILHOS! O que é Isso? (webCEREALS! what is IT?) is a net work applying the principles vented at It considers the fact that text, and graphics, too, have signification power in the simplest forms they can be shared, said, heard, seen or illustrated bit by bit, pixel by pixel.

There are other types of impressions and versions may be customized according to your application needs. Also available in a site studio format.

Use: This book can be a personal journal or an Arts textbook/workbook. It shows angles and forms as they may develop to our eyes during the digital editing process. This is also a very important tool for therapeutic purposes to be followed-up by a psychologist and related health needs. It is a starter for anyone desiring to interface in any form or age. And, needless to say, we make mistakes.


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