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More and more photographers are starting or returning to use film. There is a revival going on.
On our website we can see a growing interest in this now called "vintage" phenomenon of Traditional Film Photography.

We run the THIAPS website now for about 3 years and slowly we grew tired of looking at brilliant photography on a computer screen.
So let's print it.

This is the first "year book".

Featuring: Jacqueline Roberts, Satoshi Sakurai, Rui Pires, Gary Liggett, Silke Seybold, Roman Aytmurzin, Guy Sargent, Noriko Ohba, Scott Speck, Ineke Kamps, Katherine White, Edward Olive, Gary Auerbach, John Kiely, Milosz Wozaczynski, Flavia Schaller, Vernon Trent, Jacek Gąsiorowski, Rommel Pecson, Arek Soltysik, Frans Peter Verheyen, Matt Toynbee, Matteo Gambarini, Lucia Willems Ramírez, Alek Lindus, Alexey Belov, Tomasz Kazaniecki, Francesco Brivio, Laura Alice Watt, Claudio Santambrogio, Pierre Ollier, Ritchard Ton, Frank Morris, Deborah Parkin, Oliver Weber, Bruno Servant, Steve Korn, Toshiya Watanabe, Derrick Woo, Robert Kalman, Colin Clarke, Jody Miller, Stéphane Polteau, Marijn van Beers, Urs Bernhard, Mike Stacey, Anca Cernoschi, Vladimir Longauer, Sol Allen, Roberto Romano, James Wigger, and Irina Khorunzhaya.


About the Author

SilverLine Lane Unlimited Grain
THIAPS Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Explore Traditional Film Photography, as it exists today and what it will be tomorrow. SilverLine Lane Unlimited Grain is a platform for photographers who love the tactile quality of film-based images, as well as enjoy the wet and warm smell of developers and fixative, with a strong belief that "Film is not dead it just smells funny." For those who create their photographs with 35mm, roll films, sheets and plates, with Polaroid or Liquid Light, with Large Format or any tool what so ever, as long as chemical processing is involved.

Publish Date  November 06, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  120 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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