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I first published my writing website, Monica's Expresso Cafe, in 1995. In recent years I have included my photography and a "kitchen", where I cook up some of my original/family recipes. This book is dedicated to those "art forms" of writing, photography and cooking! It is a treasury of photos, poetry, recipes and declares the importance of family heritage with memories and anecdotes.

From Thy Bounty is my offering to you, in the hope that you might discover the fun and excitement of being creative, as I have. Cooking—as sure as painting, sculpture, writing, music—is most certainly an art form, and definitely not a static art! Recipes and methods of cooking a particular food are constantly changing and being reinvented. That's how we get our prized family favorites. But it is not only from eating, but in the breaking of bread with another that we receive our comfort and satisfaction in the gift of food.

The recipes in this book are all family recipes and some go back many, many years. They have been tweaked and "doctored", changing over the years, but they remain cherished additions at family functions, and a reminder of our constant growth. One thing remains: food should be shared to gain its full value.

I invite you to try the recipes contained herein and share them with your loved ones, and as my family does (including all my children!), add this, take away that and make each recipe your own. The rewards will be much more than a full stomach. Do not be afraid to cook—many "happy accidents" have become new family favorites. Cooking is fun, relaxing, very rewarding and very artistic; and it gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Peace, and GO FORTH AND CREATE!


About the Author

Monica E. Smith

Monica Ellen Smith has written poetry since 1991. She resides in West Liberty, Ohio and her work (photos and writing) has been published internationally—including Great Britain, Canada and an anthology from India— in print/online magazines.

Monica has 2 books of poetry. “Days of Fine Gray Ash”: collection of poems regarding the nuances of love, especially the love of family. Purchase via her email "Kindred: A Family Portrait", focuses on our relationship with nature. It can be purchased at,,, or find by searching online.

Her (public) books published at Blurb (

"Going Coastal" (a coffee-table book of coastal area photography)

"Dog-matized: The Comical Truth of Life with a Jack-A-Bee" (a humorous collection of photographs and anecdotes about Monica's dog, Bernie. Think "Marley"!

"Menagerie" (a treasury of writings, poetry and photography)

"Menagerie Volume II" (selected writings and photography

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