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Once upon a time, a happy little Christmas gnome wakes up and seeks out happy dreams of the holiday, but instead finds dirty dishes and bills. What has happened to Christmas? The story told in simple words and photography is appropriate for the entire family.

The characters of Grim Happy Christmas, Red Hob and Green Hob, were cherished vintage ornaments handed down from family and became the centerpiece of this book during a particularly skint holiday.

Christmas Gnomes (Tomten, Nisse, or Hobs) were Christmas kitsch ornaments Made In Japan during the 1950s of hand painted hard plastic faces topped by flocked paper hats. Arms, legs, and hair were chenille, and the bodies and feet were made from spun cotton.

Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim was a collector of holiday literature, and is said to have lived his later years among wild rabbits and mossy apple trees of an orchard on the San Juan Islands of northwest Washington.

Robert Aaron Wiley ( author of The Pumpkin Dream) is also an avid fan of holidays. He is known to explore the arts via writing, illustration, photography, design, digital media, music... as well as the history of vintage ephemera and kitsch.


About the Author

Robert Aaron Wiley

Hello! My name is Robert Aaron Wiley, and welcome to the holiday world of Mr. Bindlegrim! An alter ego, if you will, for myself who never had much restraint when it came to holidays - always starting too soon, or too late (as evidenced by my parents confiscating that obnoxious 70s Halloween vinyl, I was playing over and over well after the holiday was done). Later in life, 2004 to be exact, I rediscovered my interests in these traditions, exploring them through art, writing, and music.

You can read more about the most current photography book "The Grim Happy Christmas" or the Halloween illustrated poem "The Pummpkin Dream" (both books from the library of Mr. Bumble Bindegrim) at my holiday blog (, or visit the holiday art website at (

Publish Date  November 09, 2011

Dimensions  Small Square  40 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Children

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