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This book chronicles many of the best images that I've produced from some 14 trips to King Island since 1992. These trips were usually magazine assignments, involving professional surfers. Of the 14 trips, only a couple never quite made it to print. For me, it's always an exciting place photographically because it often has such awesome atmospherics. There's always some kind of cool natural lighting happening, which suits my style of photography well.


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Sean Davey
Davey808 North shore, Oahu, Hawaii
I originated from Australia's island state of Tasmania and quickly found my way into Sydney's thriving surf scene as a teenager. I picked up a camera one day back in 1977 and haven't looked back since. My work appears with great regularity in magazines all over the world as do my images commercially. I've been building my presence as an art photographer in recent years and have now gaining a following for my art prints. I've had 2 professionally published books, entitled "Oceans" and "Fotografius da Alma" Thank you for taking the time to view my photography.

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Lockyarts says

Great book, being an ex King Islander I can really appreciate your book, and also remembering Wire from school days. Wasnt aware that he painted - I have some of my own art and a book of New Zealand including Art work on blurb - check it out if your so inclined.

posted at 10:55pm Jan 21 PST


scott_clark says

need to buy

posted at 01:47am May 17 PST


vanessa1408 says

Absolute stunning photography belonging to a stunning book.
King Island is a very special place, this book say's it all.
Great work.

posted at 02:03am Dec 21 PST


nate4surf says

The best King Island book I have ever seen!

posted at 09:17pm Oct 28 PST


loricherokee says

Absolutely gorgeous photos. I've been to Australia, know how beautiful, strange & different it can be but this place is unique. I can understand why you've spent so much time there.

posted at 02:35pm Oct 12 PST


shmackles says

Sean ,
What can I say....a great book from a great photographer
Well done with lots of spirit.
Paul Macklin
Tanegashima Island

posted at 11:36pm Aug 07 PST


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