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When Darrion and PJ told me they were writing a book of pictures and poetry together, I was excited. It's easy to get excited when two creative friends decide to work together, to make something new together. But somehow, I was also curious. I wondered what their collaboration would look like--what would I see, what would I read?
Darrion, PJ and I met in 2001, when we lived on the same dormitory hall at St. Mary's College. We were fast friends, and experienced many of those moments, loud and quiet alike, that over time amount to growing up.
But for all those shared moments and experiences, I was never exposed to their art, save for a few snippets around the edges. I never got the full frontal assault of their creative sides. I never saw how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Reading Darrion's poetry through the lens of PJ's images, I was taken somewhere. I could smell an overflowing ashtray with tones of Petroulli and incense. I could feel a steering wheel and see the headlights brighten the road ahead. I could hear the giggle and chuckle of a man and a woman in another room.
I'm not sure where the book took me. Maybe it took me down the rabbit hole, to some place in their minds. Maybe it was a neglected corner of my own. At any rate, now is your turn. Find out where they will take you.
-John Heltman


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