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These images are just a sampling from the 26 rolls of film I shot. The images were taken in Ruby and Willie’s home, located at 1824 Davison St. Richland, Washington. Ruby, passed in 1978, leaving Willie to live alone. He lived in the basement and kitchen, not touching any of the rooms. I documented each room as I would a museum, capturing all the details in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, boys’ room, girls’ room, Ruby’s room, the downstairs TV room, and finally Willie’s basement bedroom.

I began documenting one December when I came to visit family. Maybe I knew this home, which looked to me like a movie set, would soon be destroyed. Within four months my grandfather fell sick and passed away. This home, which hadn’t been changed in more than 25 years, was soon stripped down to nothing. Everything was gone.

As generations leave us, they take with them their environments. I used photography for what it does best: to document a place and time before it is gone.


About the Author

Bootsy Holler
booholler Los Angeles
Bootsy is an intuitive commercial, editorial and fine art photographer who has been shooting professionally and showing for more than 15 years. Best known for her remarkably sensitive style of portraiture she has been noticed and awarded by the Society of Photographic Journalism. Her career as an artist started as youthful obsession with fabrics and fashion, leading into a degree in textile design. She moved into styling, art direction then started her own small design manufacture incorporating photography and in 1999 let go of them all to focus on photography as an art and trade. From that journey, she gained three things: a devotion to craft, a deep understanding of style, and respect for the power of beauty. She quickly progressed to portraiture, gaining major professional momentum shooting musicians and bands in Seattle’s music scene of the late 1990’s. But when you look at Holler’s fine art you usually find self-portrait work or the mundane daily life we often pass by.

Publish Date  November 17, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  76 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Fine Art Photography

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LizMartini says

Really enjoyed this book and the photographs. This happens to be my hometown, but really this could be a lot of people's home town from this perspective. Lovely and unique portrait -- thank you for sharing!

This is a kind of documentation that most folks would overlook, and yet so powerful. Zen-like in its appreciation of what is just there.

posted at 04:16pm Jul 01 PST

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