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Katie West puts together a collection of over 75 self-portraits. Some are classics, some you've never seen, all are awesome.

This is an excellent addition to your book collection; your grandma will love it and so will your kids, so you better buy them all a copy.


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Katie West
KatieWest Ontario, Canada

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yxc123vb says

I like it!
Great light and shadow mix.

posted at 09:41am Mar 11 PST


ThierryZ says

Ok, this has gone straight to my wish-list.

posted at 09:03am Jul 25 PST


MisterHappy1 says

great images!! beautiful in every way!!! I am a photographer as well, and did a Penis portrait book. please view and comment! it is called Meet Mr Happy. have fun!! Happy Girl :)

posted at 01:45pm Apr 10 PST


artbarkvideo says

Interesting choice of a title, followed by the disclaimer on the back cover. At first I thought the women in my new book, WildLife" would be posing in public for that reason, but now I beleive it is more about the liberating freedom felt by breaking the "rules" of a prudish society. Your opinion on my work would be appreciated.

posted at 06:47am Apr 07 PST


Nakor says

Tempted to pick this up to keep around for when my daughter gets older. It would be good to have a healthy image of women (a woman I guess lol) to look at. Canada has a really bad mental setting about nudity (I'm Canadian.)

This is quite well done. It's respectful and artistic.

posted at 12:41pm Apr 05 PST


lakicevic says


posted at 12:12pm Apr 05 PST


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