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Found images of ghosts with descriptive text provided by the photographer (or someone with knowledge of the photo). In an attempt to remove image noise, the photographs were repeatedly blurred by a Gaussian function until their most basic elements were left, revealing the visual essences of the ghosts.

"I found it interesting to not only further abstract what were, in most cases, already very vague images of apparitions, orbs, and lights, but to combine those abstracted images with the text as supplied by the photographer (or someone with knowledge of the photo). In a way, the text is both a necessary element to provide a context to these formless fields of color, and also an interesting gauge of how we look at and contextualize the unknown (the text from one photo reads: "This was taken at Barnsley Gardens in Georgia last April 2007. There was nothing in this room to cause this orb/ectoplasm to be in this photo. This is incredible and probably the single most amazing ghost pic I've ever seen, let alone taken.")..."


About the Author

Michael Demers
m_demers Connecticut

Michael Demers is an Assistant Professor of Fine and Digital Art. His own work incorporates culture and cultural identity in a synthesis of critical investigation and his own adolescent preoccupation with toys and other weird ephemera.

He has exhibited internationally, most recently at the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD), Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh, UK), and Arteria “Internet Livre” (São Paulo, Brazil). He is a member of the White Columns Artist Registry (New York), the Rhizome Curated ArtBase (New Museum, New York), and is a core commentator for TINT Arts Lab (London, UK). He is a contributing author for Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design (Routledge Press).

Michael Demers received his BFA from Florida Atlantic University, his MFA from Ohio University, and a Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Diplom from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany.

Publish Date  November 26, 2011

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  20 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Fine Art

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