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PERSONAL ATTRACTION: Just look around at current culture and you see people increasingly keen to be popular, to be included in the pack, to make a face for themselves, to be somebody. This need to be included is natural, hardwired and nothing new, since the days of cavemen we’ve actually needed to be included in the clan or we’d not survive. What is new, however, is the soaring rate of social anxiety. 100 Lessons on Personal Attraction in 100 Words or Less shows you how to increase your confidence, poise and self-esteem and reveals the inner strategies needed to overcome social anxiety and increase your personal attraction. Change the way you see yourself and the world, and you can actually change the way others respond to you.

We all know that we don't read enough—but don't beat yourself up—read a little, you can still learn a lot. Read between sets at the gym, on your way to work, while queuing at the bank, or even wind down with a few lessons at bedtime. Dip in, dip out, learn something new along the way. Try it–you might just like it.

Spencer ‘Mac’ McCallum, popular international DJ, producer, and natural philosopher, and Barefoot Doctor, author of 14 books and leading light in the global self-development industry, with a massive following worldwide for his modern interpretation of Taoist philosophy and methods for making life better on every front, ran the hugely successful, Geisha Palace club night in London, where watching each other work the room they developed a mutual interest in helping people feel better about themselves.


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Publish Date  November 26, 2011

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