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I am a curious person, and I love to explore my surroundings. Often you can find small oases or chaos in the big city chaos, just by wandering arround. Most people do not notice these places, or simply choose to ignore them.

Last weekend I went for a walk, and stumbled upon the postal services old garage-complex in Amager, Copenhagen. The place is totally destroyed, but has an inexplicable attraction and beauty. It is evident that the buildings are frequently used by different groups of people.

Everything is covered in graffiti. Most of the graffiti is not art, as seen elsewhere, and many of the paintings are vandalized by other painters. Vandalism of the houses is carried out with unusual thoroughness, I do not think there is a single whole window in the whole complex. Someone has knocked big holes in the walls. Why use the doors, when you can go through walls? Even the roof has been torn apart. Some of the grafitti is quite vulgar, and it resembles youngsters going spree in wild parties.

The houses are also used for overnight stays by homeless people from around the world. There are lots of clothes, bottles, emptied cans, cigarette buds, sleepingbags and multilingual messages on the walls. Over one of the main doors, the word Hotel greets new visitors. While exploring a house, I met one of the residents, a young Icelander who had lived there since  July. He makes his living collecting bottles, and is quite happy with the place.

Just outside the fenced ruins, modern architect-designed buildings gnaw rapidly into the garage-complex. It is a bizarre contrast, that, of course, will not continue to exist. Plans are already made for modernization of the spot.

Take a little tour in the ruins  that will soon disappear.


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Morten Grathe
mortengrathe Copenhagen, Denmark

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Publish Date  November 27, 2011

Dimensions  Small Square  78 pgs Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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