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L'Ospedale Psichiatrico " Giuseppe Antonini "nasce ufficialmente a Mombello del 1867.
L'Ospedale di Mombello toccò la cifra record di 3504 malati nel 1918.
In Italia la legge 180, portò al definitivo superamento degli ospedali psichiatrici
A Mombello questo processo è iniziato alla fine del 1996 e tutti i pazienti sono stati dismessi entro la fine del 1999.
Dal degrado si sono salvati Villa Crivelli, attuale sede dell' Istituto tecnico agrario, le palazzine che ospitano l' Istituto commerciale per periti aziendali e l'Ospedale " Corberi ", diventato ora una casa d' accoglienza per malati psichici gravi.
Gli altri edifici non godono invece di buona salute; le immagini di questo reportage si riferiscono ad essi, testimoni silenziosi di un passato doloroso.

The Psychiatric Hospital "Joseph Antonini" officially born in Mombello at 1867.
Hospital of Mombello touched the record of 3504 patients in 1918.
In Italy, the number 180 Law, led to the final closing of mental hospitals
In Mombello Hospital this process began at the end of 1996, and all patients were discontinued by the end of 1999.
The Mombello structures, now vacated, were left to their fate, but some of them were spared by degradation. Villa “Crivelli”, for instance, hosts to date the "Agricultural College". Other buildings provide for the "Institute for non-graduated Business" and the hospital "Corberi", is now house for patients with serious mental disorders.
The rest of the buildings are depicted in this reportage.
They’re silent witnesses of a past full of pain and sorrow.


About the Author

Domenico Cichetti
domycic Busto Arsizio, Varese, Italy
I was born in Bologna in 1963 and live in Busto Arsizio (Italy). I took the first photographs as a boy but, only in the last four years, photography has become for me an important activity, both for the time spent, both for the satisfaction it gives me. The passion prompted me to create images ranging from portraits, reportage, urban landscapes and symbolic images; black and white, remain in my heart, therefore many of the shots you find in my books have no colors. I am fascinated by the exact forms, the geometry and the hard light. I don't pretend to describe the reality with my pictures, but I try to convey just the things I see, as I look at the time of capture.I hope to succeed, to the extent of my limited ability. Greetings to all

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