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'Barn Art' was born out of respect and admiration for a by-gone era . That being, the days of the independent American Farmer, and the imprint left behind for the appreciators of their toil and suffrage. My partner and I have a dogged- determination to warmly document the skeletal remains of these, sacred dilapidations , by initially photographing them off property, then drawing from photos. The very idea came after researching the inummerable Grist Mills lost in Eastern Tennessee , and witnessing their "replacements' as huge , corporate-owned graineries. Daily. we watch mountain tops get trimmed and manicured for the Mal-Marts, and Dome-Depots, never taking the time to fully appreciate what was there before them...(.progress, I guess ) Judging by sales alone, we admit we are not only, isolated appreciators....This book is dedicated to all whom wonder, and reflect.... R. Lee Hartley / J. Miller


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Haiku is both singular and plural.

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