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This book attempts to capturing the beauty (yes, beauty) of deserted places and decaying left-behinds testifying to happier days in the past. It's a tip of the hat to the rugged individuals who tried to tame untamable conditions and push the odds -- compelled by their dreams, but forced at some point to give up hope and head for greener pastures.

There are so many abandoned places and discarded possessions out there decorating the American landscape. When I come across these conditions, there is a sense of awe. Maybe it's because of the remoteness and solitude of the locations. Or perhaps my wonder is driven by my curiousity to know the back story.

My goal is to bring images to the viewer in a manner that faithfully capture the art and spirit of these scenes -- warts and all! Seeking them out is bound to be a life-long pursuit. Thus, the photos in this first volume simply scratch the surface.


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David Gregg
dgregg02 Orange County, CA, USA

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