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What a Human Being needs is not the same as what a Human Being thrives on. They say ALL CHILDREN need is LOVE is true when you speak of need, of basic survival, in order to keep a Human Heart beating. The bigger question is... What does it take for a Human Being to THRIVE... it takes JOY. Enjoying your children is critical to them THRIVING, just as Loving your children is critical in keeping their heart beating. My request is that we raise the bar, Be Joyful, Enjoy your children in every way possible. Your Children know you love them, Let them see your JOY.


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Lisa Blair Hathaway
HumanDignity Cape Cod, USA
All ~ HUMAN DIGNITY FIRST ~ Books Celebrates the Magnificence of the PEOPLE we call CHILDREN All ~ HUMAN DIGNITY FIRST ~ Books Honors the untold Magnificence, the untold Noble Nature & Indomitable Spirit of each person born” All ~ HUMAN DIGNITY FIRST ~ Books are ARTful, Unique, Integritus & Honors the True Spirit & Noble Nature of All Children Everywhere, for EACH PERSON BORN is a PERSON in PERSONHOOD to be Unconditionally Honored & Deeply Respected, Greatly Loved & Wonderfully Enjoyed. I KNOW WHAT FILLS that Beautiful Soul of Yours and that of Your Children. What You & Your Children seek, long for & thrive on are Absolutely Identical. Wouldn't you want to find out exactly how that is.

Publish Date  November 30, 2011

Dimensions  Small Square  20 pgs ProLine Pearl Photo Paper

Category  Children

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