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This is a photographic record of a journey which started in Bangkok and continued through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It covers those parts of the journey which were in Vietnam and Cambodia.
While the two countries are different they have much in common. Vietnam suffered the ravages of two wars, one with the French for independence, the other with America for unification, Cambodia had to endure the years of tyranny under Pol Pot. For nearly 1000 years Vietnam was under Chinese control, Cambodia had its own empire (which included Vietnam for a time) and was at other periods included in empires run by Thais or Burmese. They were both colonies of France. Chinese rule has left Vietnam with a rich amalgam of religions including Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Cambodia is more influenced by Indian religions especially Buddhism and Hindhism.
This book tries to capture something of the two countries’ history, religion and culture as seen through two western eyes.


About the Author

Vincent Harris
vinceharris London, England

Publish Date  December 01, 2011

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  146 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Travel

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