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Entre le corps et l'âme, il n'y a qu'un souffle, qu'une haleine fraîche de givre dans le matin et le soleil qui passe...


About the Author

Gaëna da Sylva & Charlie Beresford
Gaena Canada & UK

Gaëna da Sylva |

Based in Quebec, art photographer, portraitist and film maker, Gaëna da Sylva discovered photography as a teenager. From the first time that she saw oil catch the light in a puddle of water, light and its interaction with form have continued to fascinate her. This fascination has continued to spill over in not only her art photography and film making but has also given a unique slant to her commercial work.

Charlie Beresford |

UK based artist and musician Charlie Beresford has been better known for his musical work, having worked both solo and with the group Fourth Page alongside his work as a producer. Over the last 10 years he has worked commercially in the visual arts world predominantly in the mediums of graphic design, architectural design and photography.

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