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A sometimes wry, sometimes contentious view through the viewfinder window, Rangefound is not a book for everyone. In particular do not buy it if you are easily offended by people who are still using film, or poking fun at Digibunnies or Technotubbies.


About the Author

Bill Palmer
Lightmancer Behind the camera

Bill Palmer is a middle-aged English bloke with a Leica or three and a weakness for bad jokes. He was born in the last Millennium which he thinks gives him licence to be grumpy about many of today's modern "advances", particularly in the world of photography. Not above making fun of anyone and anything that moves and pricking the pomposity of other middle-aged blokes the world over, Bill's alter-ego "Lightmancer" has been blogging for a while now, spreading his "wit" and "wisdom" not very far but a little bit wider than you might imagine.

Oh, and he takes pictures too.

Take One a Day... - Arts & Photography photo book
Published November 23, 2012
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