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Bactrian Camels also known Double-Humped Camels of Cold Desert, are found in Central Asia, mainly in Gobi Desert, Parts of China, Mongolia, Afganistan and India. Used as the Divine Vehicle by the Traders of famous Ancient Silk Route, the Bactrian Camels are now on the verge of extinction, and are declared EDGE species i.e. one of the critically endangered species. There are only 500 Bactrian camels left in the world and in India they are only found in Nubra Valley where the number is just 25.

In Nubra these camels are domesticated and are used for Camel Safari in the Summer. With the growth in tourism in Nubra, this seems to be the only way for survival for these animals as owners are now seeing them as new source of income. These Animals, like all other species need to be preserved and taken care of. The world need to be aware of their situation and we need to act.

This book is a little effort from my side to help create awareness about these beautiful creatures in need of our help, Please spread the word anyway you can.

Though nothing does justice to photography but print. the book is also made available in ebook format for an easy download and share.Thanks! xo.


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