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In Finding the Palouse Prairie, Matthew Dolkas tells the story of the Palouse Prairie. He has devoted two years to this project, seeking to inspire us with images of this endangered ecoregion. His purpose in telling this story is to advocate for the restoration and protection of the remaining prairie.

The native habitat of the Palouse has almost been entirely plowed under. Of the once continuous Palouse Prairie, less then 1% remains, making it one of the most critically endangered ecoregions in the country. The little that is remaining is fragmented into small, isolated pockets, which are still threatened by weed invasion, urbanization, and agricultural practices.

But there is still time to make a difference: the decisions we make, both individually and as a community, are reflected in our landscapes. We should choose to make decisions that protect the land’s diversity for both our benefit and for the future’s. We should do so without regrets or inhibitions because it is the right thing to do now, regardless of what happens in the future.

Foreword by Mayor Nancy Chaney.


About the Author

Matthew Dolkas
adrift_86 Moscow, Idaho
Matthew Dolkas grew up in Palo Alto, Ca. After High School he moved to Sitka, Ak to attend Sheldon Jackson College (SJC). In 2007, he received his B.A. degree from SJC in Outdoor Leadership and went to work for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). After two years at NOLS, however, outdoor education proved to be unsatisfying and he decided to go back to school to better his chances at a career in conservation. In the fall of 2009 he began classes at the University of Idaho in Moscow. For his Master's work he has committed the last two years documenting the remaining Palouse Prairie. His hope is that the images in "Finding the Palouse Prairie" inspire you to help protect what little remains of this endangered ecoregion.

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