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A gallery of over 300 color photographic images of marine plankton. Plankton samples were taken along the shore and by boat all over southern California for several decades. This gallery represents one man’s effort to categorize and identify the most commonly observed organisms that drift in the sea. Plankton are animals and protists that cannot swim agains the currents and are taken around by those currents. There are permanent forms of plankton that live their entire lives drifting, and there are the larval stages of just about everything that lives in the sea. This makes studying plankton one of the most interesting aspects of biology and marine science. Plankton form the base of the ocean food chain which affects mankind in countless ways. Looking at these wonderful creatures will change your life.


About the Author

Robert Perry
zalophus Southern California
Loyola University, B.S. (Biology) Married Suellen; two offspring (Amy & Miles) PADI MI-11455 US Coast Guard 100-ton/100-mile Captain's License Owner/Operator Dive Boat 'Sandy Bay" - Channel Islands, Calif. Program Designer, UCLA OceanGLOBE Biology & Marine Biology Instructor, Malibu High School Staff Photographer, the Condor Express (Santa Barbara) My related web sites:

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