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I created this book as a printing test of a couple of different output sharpening techniques.

Please note: to answer a question some have asked, this book is *not* a tutorial on how to adopt and implement the three-stages sharpening workflow introduced by Bruce Fraser, the founder of Pixel Genius. He wrote in his brief life enough books and online articles to explain the theory.

In fact, this book has no text in it -- except for the filter settings used for each image -- and it is a simple collection of 5 different images which have been chosen for their different qualities.

Each image is presented printed at 300dpi with the following 7 different sharpening setting:

- smart sharpening 150% 2 pixels
- smart sharpening 150% 4 pixels
- smart sharpening 150% 6 pixels
- overlay / high pass filter 2 pixels
- overlay / high pass filter 4 pixels
- overlay / high pass filter 6 pixels
- hard light / high pass filter 6 pixels

It is not an accident that the cover has no title whatsoever... it simply didn't need one since the focus of the entire book are simply the images themselves and how good or bad the different versions look on the printed page.

As a side note, all five images were taken last Spring in Japan with a Canon 5D (except the first image scanned from medium format Fuji film shot with Hasselblad).


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