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I am honored to be the Designer & Publisher of my brother Juan Bautista Plaza's "first" edition of his beloved Dr. Wiggl's Ph.D.

This has been a "long and winding road" from selecting the images among hundred's of originals, to the writing and editing of the text, and to designing a 160 page book. In total I believe we have been working on this project for over 5 years, but I have enjoyed every second of it, specially because by getting to know and understand better this very special character, I have also re-discovered Juan and Alison as the beautiful "soul mates" they are!

Here is a paragraph from the book describing who Dr Wiggl's is, in the author's own words:

"Dr. Wiggl’s is ultimately a reflection of what would happen if we could combine my mind with my wife Alison’s body. Dr. Wiggl’s is therefore genderless. As with me, Dr. Wiggl’s does not have a specific field of endeavor. Rather, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is an enthusiast of many things, but she is most proud of his reflections on music, business, love, aviation and life in general. Even though Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is an uncomplicated character animated by simple forms, his main goal is to understand the human conflict that is so ubiquitous to her creator. With an expressionless face, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. can tell us what’s on his mind through the purity of her movements and the countless shapes that inevitably follow him. These forms are the core of his expressive world. Points, lines, wiggles and endless, elegant curves follow Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D’s reflections on his many fields of interest. Don’t be fooled by Dr. Wiggls’ placid stance or graceful moves; she’s constantly followed by creatures and hidden messages in his long tails—or should we say tales?"


About the Author

Carlos Plaza
carlosplaza South Florida, USA
I am a graphic designer by trade who has had a lifelong interest in photography, one of the many things I had in common with my late father, who was a professional photographer as a young man in our native Venezuela, and introduced me to the art of taking pictures as a teenager when we moved to Vienna in 1980.

Publish Date  December 11, 2011

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  160 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Comics & Graphic Novels

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