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Struggling in rural villages, sometimes in abject poverty, sometimes as displaced refugees ripped from their homes by war or famine or disease, some women of Africa work and toil just to survive on a daily basis. They weave their huts from brush and cover them with dung. They scratch the dry ground with sticks to plant vegetables for food. Almost all must lug heavy Gerry-cans of water every day for their family’s survival. For some a “life-walk” is their life’s work (“life-walk” is a three day walk to the nearest water). They man the market stalls. They make jewelry and crafts to sell. All the while bearing, carrying and caring for their children. They struggle though war, famine, AIDS, and natural disasters. They die young.

In this collection of 35, sepia-toned photographs, made in 2006 & 2007 by Roger “Mzungu” Moore, you will see women of The Congo and Kenya as they pursue their "Women's Work.


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Roger "Mzungu" Moore
motu Dallas, TX, USA

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