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As most of you who follow the work of Mzungu can tell, this Collection is very, very different from his typical work. First, the work is abstract! Although Mzungu’s images are far from documentary, leaping into the realm of pure abstraction is a big leap for him. Secondly, the work is Color! Black & White is Mzungu’s personal preference. Although he is a master of color photography, color has almost always been the medium for his commercial assignments. This Collection: No Photoshop! What you see is what was there … in the outback. Mzungu swears that these are the real colors – no manipulation, and no manipulation of shapes, patterns or textures. Mzungu likes to say “Never let the camera have the last word”, but in this Collection, it is what it is. This is the real deal.


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Roger "Mzungu" Moore
motu Dallas, TX, USA

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