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It's a small 200 pages book with some pictures from Iberian Peninsula, the area of Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal. Selection out of about eight thousand pictures. It is pictures with short descriptions about the place, building or other content.. so 99% pictures, 1% text.

The book covers mostly the area of Southern Spain, but also central Spain and Southern Portugal (Algarve). Though there are lots of cities covered (Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, Malaga, Marbella, Sevilla, Cordoba, Lisboa...), it is more about how and average Joe would see this beautiful corner of earth. It is sun and rain, day and night, still life and motion, sea and land, old-fashion and modern, life in the streets and all the other beauty you can find from the areas of Southern Spain - all within three years (05-07) and three seasons (spring, summer, autumn).

The current edition is in Estonian. Don't worry, the names are all in English or as they are in their native language :-)

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About the Author

Hannu Liivaar
brightstorm Tallinn, Estonia

I started with a consumer SLR camera at late nineties.

Going through the film era thoroughly with new digital era to be exploded at new millennium, I wanted to experiment as much as possible.

While I'm a huge fan of the latest and greatest, I do believe in the gasket perhaps at least twice as much. So no winner without fast car, no lap record without a great driver.

Still sometimes trying to identify my niche in photography, with participating in different events, hanging around at streets and studio, sometimes shooting nature, portraits, still life, even stock.

I have the highest passion with me when going through the process of creating photos - from taking photos to digital darkroom to printed photos and books - it has to be as perfect as it can be, and even better.

Thanks for reading :-)

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