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“If art is all about communication, why does it have to be a monologue? Why can’t it be a dialogue?” Teri Rizzutti

No two sentences embody the philosophy of Teri Rizzutti than that quote. Unlike many artists, she had no desire to intimidate her viewer either by embedding obscure references in her work or by isolating herself with the use of an esoteric language. As you will see paging through body of her work, she invited dialogue in many formats so that she can interact with a larger audience. Her figurative pieces are always narrative; the abstracts energize the viewer with color and movement; her cloudscapes transport the viewer and her tapestries intrigue with the layers she so carefully constructed.


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Joe Tabeling

For over twenty years Joe Tabeling has been involved in motivational speaking, team building, sales training and personal coaching, Throughout that time, he received training and inspiration from many mentors such as Zig Ziglar, Bill Gouldd, Tony Robbins, Joe Vitali and Wayne Dyer. Taking the best from each and mixing in his own philosophy, Joe has developed a unique style, which everyone can relate to.

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