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A 158 Page 13x11" book of Adam Jahiel's "The Last Cowboy" project, photographs taken between 1989 and 2008.
Forward by Mark Spragg
Afterword by Ryan Bell


About the Author

Adam Jahiel
ajahiel Story, Wy, USA

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SkalkahoSam says

Excellent human interest photos of hands in "crew" work, and around headquarters in 90% of the images.
Virtually none of that 90% of every saddle hand's time, riding circle or fence alone or maybe in pairs.
Nothing of the remote line shack camps, with the lean-to stable against the side wall of the shack. [Just the sheep herder's wagon and the roundup cook wagon] -- with an "indoor" dining table. No squatting on the ground, or seated on a saddle beneath the fly. Civilization!!!
Sadly, even the Great Basin hands have succumbed to Hollywood's branding of them as cowboys. As late as the 1980s, there remained regions and ranches where "cowboy" was the lowest thing you could call a hand. An early morning 1952 slugfest in the middle of the state highway out front of Walden, Colorado's only cafe resulted from a newly-arrived Wisconsin hay hand telling Jackson County's top hand that he was "..a real cowboy." There's only so much a hand can take in the form of public insults.
For a century, each type of hand had a specific title -- Top Hand was just that, Rope Hand, Iron Runner, Iron Hand, Ground Crew, Stable Hand, Hay Hand, Fencing Hand, Little Mary was the cook's helper, Supervison ran from Straw Boss, to Foreman, to Ramrod to Big Boss, even up to Headquarters. Nevada had the Buckaroo System, requiring an Animal Husbandry graduate from a cow college, to devote ten to fifteen years to earning Buckaroo Rank -- usually meaning he had worked his way up across a half-dozen ranches, learning from certified Buckaroos at each stop.
Will have to GOOGLE to see if Nevada Buckaroo Association is still operating.

posted at 12:01pm Sep 02 PST


rjramos says

A beautiful book, gorgeous images. I have a print of plate 55 Remuda hanging in my living room...great to see more of this series. Well done..

posted at 02:23am Oct 16 PST


redtreeme says

Om my. perfect. Unique, stylish, peaceful.

posted at 10:28pm Aug 20 PST


dragana23 says

beautiful photographs

posted at 04:35am Jul 22 PST


sergioarvide says

great book

posted at 09:08pm Jul 14 PST


zackjennings says

Outstanding Book

posted at 05:56am Jul 27 PST

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