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Does the world need poets?
The dictionary defines a poet as "a person who writes poems".
I do not agree. I see the definition as being much broader.
I believe that anyone can be a poet. Anyone who can paint, dance, compose, photograph, or express his feelings or emotions in any medium.
It so happens that i am a photographer and i do love poems. I enjoy creating them and listening to the poems of others.
Poems are everywhere.
The sad part is that not everybody can see, feel ...
Who should we blame for this blindness?
Parents ? Technology ? Media ?
What if we turn off our cell phones, turn off our TVs with its hundreds of channels,
close our eyes, and listen to ourselves.
Can we see ourselves ?
My photoPOEMs are Windows; some are Mirrors.
Windows gaze at a newly discovered ocean of feelings and emotions that never existed.
Mirrors reflect and penetrate the 4 dimensional space of our mind.
I will not divulge which is which. For this simple reason: it is a function of time, perspective and a reflection of our values. Each person will see it from their unique standpoint - each person may see it differently at various points in life.
That is the beauty of poetry.
In this book, i wrote a word or two, which inspired each photoPOEM.
Sometimes the inspiration is from a line of my favorite poem, a song, a book, and sometimes it is as simple as a line from an e-mail.
I had a dilemma. Would images speak better for themselves?
I decided to show you my path through creation. Is it a mirror or window to you?
I left the last two pages blank. This is for your photoPOEM.
Does the world need poets?
Piotr Powietrzynski


About the Author

Piotr Powietrzynski Photography
piotrusp New York

I enjoy creating conceptual images.
My expertise in creative composing and retouching allows me to create unique images beyond words.

"What sets Piotr Powietrzynski apart from other photographers, besides his perfectionist’s attitude, is his sensitivity. He is a poet among our freelance photographers. Piotr excels in photographs depicting moods of melancholic beauty. His art, although two-dimensional by definition, always shows depth of emotion, and often sends a message. The message is often related to the topic of the WEEKend’s issue, or of the story prepared to be published. In any case, the topic is never illustrated in a banal, obvious way."

Jan Latus

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