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The psalms are broken down into five separate books. Psalms 42-72 are contained in Book II and are dealt with in this volume. Book I contains psalms 1-41; Book III contains psalms 73-89; Book IV contains psalms 90-106 and Book V contains psalms 107-150.

I’ve titled this work Psalm Salve because though I’ve read through the psalms numerous times throughout my Christian walk, I’d never studied them in depth until I began this book. Doing so has not only given me a new perspective on the value of the psalms themselves, but has proven both comforting and medicinal to my own personal circumstances. Like salve to a tender wound, the psalms give merciful treatment to an injured soul.

I pray you find that same comfort, mercy and medicine in this commentary. My notes have been heavily influenced by the work of Matthew Henry and he is often quoted and referenced herein. May our insights as well as the Holy Spirit be the salve of salvation and healing for all those who find themselves immersed in the wisdom of God’s holy words found in the psalms.


About the Author

Lori Rodeheaver
Rodeheaver McClellandtown, PA

Hi. I’m Lori Rodeheaver, and I love to write. I find myself finding God in everyday situations and I always seem to glean a little wisdom and get a glimpse of Him in the middle of the chaos of life. A lot of my stories involve running or physical activity just because it seems that my workouts are the only time I get alone to think! Somehow I’d like to attempt to share my experiences with my readers and cause them to run (spiritually) right into the voice of the Creator as I so often do (physically). I have three daughters and a husband of 11 years. Mia is 6, Addie is 4, Maylee is 2 and Timmy is a hotrod! (Rodeheaver’s Hot Rod and Auto Repair)

What I write is ordinary life converted into the extrodinary realm. My ambition is to get others to think biblically and recognize the small miracles that take place everyday. As Psalm 50:1 says, ‘The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.’

Publish Date  December 28, 2011

Dimensions  Pocket  106 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

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