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A select anthology of portraits of women expressive of the “female gaze”—women looking back through the camera lens at the photographer and at all who might contemplate her image. Whether intense, playful, thoughtful, curious, seductive, defensive, or defiant, her gaze is deliberate, directional, conscious, self-aware, and often revealing of inner being. 2012, 120 pages.

Please note the following:
Images in this volume were edited specifically to be printed on Blurb's deluxe "ProLine Pearl Photo Paper." Because that high-quality paper prints darker than other available papers, the images for this volume had to be edited a good bit brighter than usual in order to optimally match that paper. If you order this volume on another Blurb paper type, the images will appear overly light and not very attractive. Though more expensive than otherwise, this option is far more visually rewarding.


About the Author

Steven Gelberg
SJG San Francisco Bay Area
I began photographing in 1994, following many years as a Hindu monk, writer, and academic scholar. With no background in the visual arts, photography appeared serendipitously and soon absorbed my full attention. For me, the essence of photography is found in the pure pleasure of seeing: the experience of opening a more patient, contemplative, intuitive, imaginative eye to the world. It’s about surrendering to the strange synergy between quiet receptivity and probing curiosity -- appreciating the “suchness” of things, while experiencing their complex resonances within personal consciousness. Moving about the world with a camera opens my eyes and mind to the beauty, strangeness, and mystery of it all, while crafting images in the darkroom provides a means for communicating my wonder and delight. My work can be found in many private collections. Most images in my books are available as original photographic (silver-gelatin) prints. Feel free to contact me via my website.

Publish Date  January 13, 2012

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  120 pgs ProLine Pearl Photo Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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