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Across the bottom of the Pacific Ocean lies the Land of the Long White Cloud - New Zealand. Filled with astonishing beauty from rugged beaches and soaring fjords, to lush rainforest and rolling pastures, to the rise of the mighty Southern Alps splitting the South Island lengthwise in two, New Zealand truly has it all.

This book is an attempt to faithfully record the wonder and beauty of the South Island, albeit only a very small part - in limiting myself to 14 Days South there were, naturally, a great many spectacular destinations left unexplored and undocumented for these pages. Even showing just a mere glimpse of the splendor New Zealand has to offer is to overwhelm oneself with God-given beauty. At the same time this is not simply a catalog of places to see, but rather a collection of emotions, of feelings, and of natural beauty. Sparse are the images whose subject is something man made, and when there are, these man made structures are integral to the experience of the place to which they belong and have been photographed in.

As such this book offers something for everyone: the traveller planning a trip, the art lover, the New Zealander, those who have seen New Zealand only in a cinema, and you - whomever you may be.

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About the Author

Richard Bolt Photography
richardbolt Vista, San Diego County, California

Richard Bolt was born in Auckland in 1976 and took his first photograph at the age of seventeen travelling in Europe with a borrowed camera.

Always intrigued with images, art, and photography, it was mountaineering that gave Richard a passion for landscape photography, and finally to make photography his profession in 2007.

Now Richard lives in California travelling with his wife Angela photographing landscapes for books and fine-art prints, shooting weddings and other events, and enjoys location portrait sessions with families and children closer to home.

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