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Dead Roses eulogizes one bouquet of roses...two dozen multi-colored roses, to be exact. I loved them from the beginning, when first my eyes beheld the blush of their petals. I wasn't inspired, however, to record their lives until they began exhibiting the provocative individuality that became apparent as they aged. As young buds, they were very alike in their perfection...only color and size defined their differences. It took the blowsiness of middle age to unfold each unique personality; and the elderly, oh those became my favored models. Each day revealed a new twist, a further wrinkle.

This art project says much about my own passing through middle age and beyond. What does it say? It says I'm a wrinkled old rose still trying to find my way in this world!!

Note: My first version of this book was over 400 pages, so my process has been the process of paring down...a process practiced periodically by practical people.


About the Author

Sarah Curtiss
sjanec San Francisco, CA
My books are my art. My ideas often involve community. Check back regularly for the next idea that percolates from my pencil.

Publish Date  July 09, 2008

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  104 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Home & Garden

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