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"Let's go away together and roam the world, as free as the wind. We'll wander around alone. Come and go without a trace, like a playful wind, a carefree wind." -

House of Flying Daggers

Los Angeles, April 2008 -- Mirko and Tanja Betz are tired, feel burned out. Their very busy life with all its many responsibilities had left little room for joy, contemplation, authenticity, clarity and happiness.

They felt that sticking with the previous course for the sake of duty, discipline, security and safety would only lead to stagnation and the slow death of their soul.

They felt it was time for contemplation, for freedom and exploration, so they decided to take a long sabbatical - a break from the everyday pressures of their routine.

Mirko and Tanja quit their jobs, sold their stuff, and took off to travel the world.

3 months into their travels, they have been to Mexico, Hawaii and Thailand...

"SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD" is the first of three books, the triology that will be a photographic testament to their ongoing journey.

„Don’t talk Don’t say nothing I just packed my things And I’m headed for something Where I’m going Well, I don’t really know The road is calling So I’ve got to go“

The Road - Matt Costa


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Mirko Betz
sabbatical Long Beach California

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