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While being stalked by wanderlust in 2007, many told me that my journey made no sense: to abandon your apartment, your possessions, your plans for a future of career-filled opportunities just to spend some time in far-away lands…these are the dreams of college kids and poets, perhaps, but not grown-ups. People of responsibility, they said, do not simply get up and “go on walkabout.”

But I did. And when unburdened from the daily obligations of status reports, PowerPoint, and suburban commutes, I discovered that hard work and a nose for opportunity are much less important (and less interesting!) than old-fashioned good luck.

This book tells the story of rediscovering how to make my own luck.


About the Author

Jason Anderson
jayscott Ladera Ranch, CA

My interests are as varied as my background: I've written computer games, drawn Lego assembly diagrams, modeled the purchasing behavior of video game enthusiasts, traveled around the world with a camera, experimented with vegetarianism (failed), written short stories and other things composed of words, gone back to school more than once. More than anything, though, I love learning something new and sharing it with people in a way that makes it memorable.

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