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When it comes to photography, some people have it and some people don't. If you’ve seen his work, you know that Shaun Lowe definitely has it – that special ability to see things that others overlook, to capture
moments in time that may not happen again.

For the last three years, Lowe has been finding and preserving such moments in abandoned houses that dot the countryside in rural Nova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Long forgotten, each of these homes
tells a story. Inside are tales of love and loss; family and fortune;
misfortune and, inevitably, abandonment.

Behind every door is a mystery, and it is the mystery that continues to
capture Lowe's imagination. It’s the promise of the unknown –
uncovering the remnants of a life once protected by lock and key – that
gives Shaun the inspiration to find the happiness that once existed
within those walls, or expose wounds that will never heal.

The care and respect he has for these spaces comes through in every photograph. In this book, you’ll see the art in preservation – in capturing moments, structures, and memories before they fall victim to the elements and fade from our rural landscape.

(Foreword by Steve Hayes)


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Shaun Lowe
shaunlowe Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada

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