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In April 2008 Performance Artist/Filmmaker Kate E. Deeming created the character “Body Earth”, as a physical representation of Mother Earth. She then crawled on hands and knees in Shibuya, at Hachiko Crossing, Tokyo, (the busiest crossing in the world) in between the pedestrians as a way of drawing attention to the missing consideration of the physical human dimension in all of our chats about “this environmental crisis”. Martine Cotton, photographer and Richard Grehan, filmmaker, joined her on this exploration to document the ‘performance’. The photos contained in this volume were not staged, but taken documentary style over the course of the Saturday evening. They serve as a potent reminder to our personal responsibility towards the nurturance of the planet.

**A percentage of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Glasgow Women’s Library


To the core.

I am tree part of this
soil rich
with nutrient

Let me feel the grace of gnarls,
of your branches
The roughness against my back

I am mountain

I am a stream

I am a bird
In flight

I am a tiger

I will be a part of this body



Breathing living truly

I will celebrate that essence
The ebb

The gentle meandering of mountain breast
I will revel the sense and breath of life

To be complete in my wholeness
Connected to the infinite pieces
Living in this glorious perfectly organized machine
My limbs which move when I will them
In my age remind me of my journey
In my youth tempt me with promise

Oh mistress mine Earth Body let me recline in your wild bounty

Mother. Body. Earth.
Human Nature.


About the Author

Kate E. Deeming & Martine Cotton
kateedeeming Glasgow, Scotland and Tokyo, Japan by ways of Philadelphia, USA and Brisbane, AUS

Philadelphia native Kate E. Deeming has been working across media and art form for fifteen years. An advocate of ‘it’s the message not the media’, her career has spanned from Feature to Performance Film, Community Art to Activism. Within all of her projects she seeks to create connections between people and communities, between ideas and environment. She has been based in Glasgow, Scotland since 2000 and tours internationally with her work.

Martine Cotton (born Brisbane, Tokyo based) has lived in Japan since 2002. Equally horrified, amused and fascinated by the bland globalisation and disconnection of a once rich and unique culture, and the odd tweaks the Japanese cultivate in their contemporary, excessively consumer-oriented society, Martine's photography seeks to offer some sense of wonder and solace to the viewer. A place to hide for a moment, away from the frenetic chaos of the biggest city in the world.

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