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My trip out West was the trip that almost didn’t happen. I’d convinced
myself that I’d never be able to get enough time off of work just to go galavanting for a month. But by the forces that be, primarily my truly generous employer, and encouragement from my parents, I was able
to live a month of life changing events, immerse myself in creating images, and surround myself with other truly adventurous spirits. The trip, now deemed a personal journey, became a culmination of maturity in my work, self exploration, and a self realization that photography is a huge part of my personal drive. Photography, sketching, art creation in general, along with a hefty dose of critique from my peers opened a vein for my voice, which had previously been left untapped. I had finally confronted myself and my craft and unveiled the perfect outlet to release
my creative wanderings.

The following book exemplifies another time tested passion of mine-journaling. There’s something strange, intimidating, and intriguing about opening a brand new journal, in this case a black leather Moleskine filled with blank manila pages. The empty space yearns to be filled. Every
night I made a concerted effort to take time to be quiet. I let the day’s endeavors melt through my mind and onto the creamy journal pages. Journaling also occurred en route. Sometimes on the top of blustery
open mountain. Sometimes sitting on a dusty shelf in a red rock canyon. Journaling allowed me to record my journey, explore new techniques, and remember the trip through different means of record keeping.


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Jennifer Krampe
Hey All! The first time I remember being aware of photography was when I got a Fischer Price camera for my seventh birthday. It was a small bright blue plastic rectangle, with soft black plastic caps on each end (in case of an unfortunate meeting with the cement) and a bright yellow cord, just long enough to carry the camera neatly around my neck. The first image I ever made was through my neighbors’ living room screen. I was just tall enough to see my friends through the screen, and I yelled with excitement “Look at my new camera!!” I was so excited I couldn’t even wait for them to come outside. So they came to the window and I made my first image-the two neighbor girls, their upturned noses pressed against the screen, framed by the white peeling painted window frame. I haven’t stopped making images since.

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