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This book is a 11"x13", hard cover, coffee table book with dust jacket. It contains 72 pictures from Peter's large collection of art photographs; including earlier, nationally and internationally awarded published pictures mixed with lesser known new pictures and even never-before-seen pictures!
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Please remember the collection of pictures in the book is slightly different from what you see on the web.

In the near future we will release a limited number of books: the Collectors' Edition. This book will be 8"x10", with 95% of the same images however now spiced with useful background information on the images, for collectors. So please visit Gedeon's website for updates (lower left corner in GALLERY page under Exhibitions/News).

Initially viewed, these figure studies may present themselves as merely nice nudes, but in time, and looking beyond just the surface the artist’s creative vision presents other possibilities. From the beginning Gedeon was entranced by the human form, and quickly developed his own visual language in which the nude figures, placed in natural environments, were at one with Nature through the creative vision of the artist. Working in a broad variety of styles during the past thirty years, Gedeon consistently returns to the human figure, reinforcing the light-sculptured figures oneness with the rhythm of the timeless beauty of nature.


About the Author

Peter Gedeon
HunPete Bradenton, Florida, USA
Born in Hungary, at age of 16 he became interested in photography. By 25, Gedeon was a leading commercial photographer. He is a member of the Association of Hungarian Photoartists and the Art Found of Hungary. A strict panel of judges selects the members of these organizations. He is the founder and first chairman of Diosgyori Visual Art Guild. In the US in he participated in the work of Society of Photographic Art. By his suggestion S.O.P.A. started an International Photography Exhibition Exchange Program. In 2000 he was Exhibition Coordinator for the Hungarian Millennial Exhibitions, in conjunction with the Hungarian Ambassador to the US. He is distinguished with the Artist and the Excellence of FIAP titles. Gedeon showcased his works in most European and Far-East countries and Argentine, Brazil, Canada and the United States. He won more then 40 international and nearly 100 national awards. Gedeon’s images can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections worldwide.
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