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The "mirror Stage" as described by Lacan happens in our early age when we discover that the reflected image on the mirror is nobody but ourselves. The concept of "i" is born drastically changing the way we perceive and construct the world. Many years after that milestone while visiting a public restroom I found myself trapped inside the mirror again and I decided to brake free from it by using the context in a different way. I began to explore the possibilities of this space and all the fictional designs I could construct. This process took more than two years to evolve into a poem of pieces and sorts. This is the result...

Why if...


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Guido Alvarez
hypertypo Richmond, VA, USA
Guido "random" Alvarez born in 1971 in Cuenca, Ecuador. Father of two amazing Montessori children. Husband of one super intelligent and beautiful woman. Former Fulbright Scholarship recipient. MFA in Design, BFA in Design and currently Doctoral Student in MATX at VCU. Design Educator and communication explorer. Temporarily poor but working on it through self-publishing. The ultimate thinking all over the place machine. A hypertypo. Now aiming to become a typoet.

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