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Since the beginning of time there have been rules imposed on our freedoms, not the least of which demands that we remain fully clothed in nearly all social situations. We become embarrassed to be caught with our pants down, taught that modesty is a virtue, and that nice people don't do that. To maintain control over us, governments and religions have made laws and doctrines that forbid nudity, with severe penalties for those who do not obey. Some consider anyone with an appreciation of the human form to be an outcast, a misfit, and even immoral. They take away our freedom of expression, and censor what we can see and enjoy. In their view, they feel compelled to protect us from our natural desires.

Thankfully the realm of art and photography have a different opinion on nudity, that there is nothing to be ashamed of. In our opinion, the nude is to be enjoyed and celebrated. It is the purist form of beauty and there is nothing we find as rewarding to our eyes and spirit of well being. We hope you will enjoy our work!


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Publish Date  February 25, 2012

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  80 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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